Senior Softball rules

Girls Little League  ages 13 - 16  

When on Offense
- All batters must have a facemask on their batting helmet.
- Batting sleeves or ‘donuts’ are not allowed in the on-deck circle.
- Base runners may slide feet first or head first.
- The ball is dead when the pitcher has control of the ball in the pitching circle, or the umpire calls time.
- Runners can leave the base upon release of the ball from the pitcher.
- A base runner is out if she leaves the base while the pitcher has control of the ball in the pitcher’s circle and is
not making a play on any runner or if she leaves the base before the pitch is released (‘making a play’ includes
faking a throw to a base; ‘control of the ball’ means the pitcher is holding the ball in either hand).
- The ‘dropped third strike’ rule is in effect.

When on Defense

- Teams field 9 players on defense.
- Catchers must wear full catching gear (shin guards, chest protector, and catcher’s helmet with dangling style
throat guard). Catchers may wear a fielder’s glove or catcher’s mitt.
- Pitchers must deliver legal pitches. Will follow rule 8.05 in rule book for an illegal pitch
- All fielders, especially pitcher, 1st base and 3rd base, are encouraged to wear defensive face masks.
- The infield fly rule is in effect.
- There is no pitching or scoring limits in Seniors softball.

Game Rules
- Games last for a minimum of 1 hr 45 Minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first.  The inning in progress at 1 hr 45 minutes will be completed in its entirety unless (1) the home team has the lead and is at-bat after time has expired or (2) the home team gains the lead after time has expired.  
- The game is over if there is a 15-run (or more) lead after four innings (or 3 1/2 if the home team has the lead) or a 10-run (or more) lead after five innings (or 4 1/2 if the home team has the lead), 8-run after 6 innings.  
- Pitcher’s plate is 43’ from home plate. Solid-core 12” softballs are used.
- Players may wear metal cleats if they choose.

All Divisions:
- Players must wear batting helmets with face masks
- Bats must be softball bats with a stamp showing a BPF rating of 1.20. Baseball bats should not be used (baseball
bats are affected by the new USA Baseball Rule, where all non-BBCOR baseball bats must have the USA Baseball
stamp. This rule does not affect softball bats, though softball bats must be stamped with the BPF rating).
- Base path distance is 60 feet for all divisions.
- Because of the short distance, it is highly recommended for infielders to wear defensive facemasks, and is
required for pitchers in Farm, Minors and Majors divisions.
- Pitching distances are as follows: Farm/Minors: 35’; Majors: 40’; Juniors/Seniors: 43’
- Ball sizes are as follows: Farm: 11’ (soft-core); Minors: 11’ (solid-core); Majors/Juniors/Seniors: 12’
- Little League’s ‘mercy’ rule is in effect for all divisions:rule 4.00 15/10/8 runs 3rd/4th/5th inning (4th/5th/6th for seniors)
- Game lengths are as follows: Farm: 75 Min; Minors: 90 Min; Majors: 105 Min; Juniors/Seniors: 105 Min
- Teams are allowed a maximum of three coaches on the field, one of which must be in the dugout at all times.
- There is no on-deck circle in Farm, Minors and Majors; players waiting their turn at bat are not allowed to take
practice swings or use a hitting stick outside the dugout while waiting their turn at-bat.
- ‘Donuts’ or batting sleeves are not allowed in the on-deck circle in Juniors and Seniors.

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