T-Ball Rules

T-Ball Division
The following rules shall apply to the T-ball division:

(a)                All managers, coaches and players are required to be in proper League attire, which is considered full uniforms for players and team hats for managers/coaches;

(b)               Managers/coaches are prohibited from wearing full baseball uniforms;

(c)                Games will be limited to one hour, with no inning starting after 50 minutes;

(d)               No game scores or standings will be recorded or kept;

(e)                No strikes or walks will be enforced, outs will be recorded but not counted (ie. runner is tagged out at second, he/she is called out and goes to bench but inning will continue until everyone bats);

(f)                Entire rosters will be placed in the batting order and every player shall hit every inning;

(g)               Late arriving players will be placed at the bottom of the batting order;

(h)               Coaches will pitch 3 pitches, if the batter does not hit the ball fair, they will hit the ball off the tee;

(i)                 All players will play in the field at one time while the opposing team is batting;

(j)                Catchers must always wear a catcher’s mask and gear;

(k)               2 members of the coaching staff may be on the playing field to help instruct defensive players;

(l)                No advancing on the base paths on overthrown balls;

(m)             Balls bouncing over the outfield fence shall be considered ground-rule doubles;

(n)               Balls clearing the outfield fence on the fly shall be considered home runs.

(o)               One member of the coaching staff or team parent must be in the dugout at all times;

(p)               Basepaths will be set at 50’, coaches will pitch from 30’;

(q)               No head first diving;

(r)                 Minimum of 5 players must be present to start a game. There will be a 10 minute grace period to wait for players, players may be borrowed from other team if both coaches agree;

(s)                Only the player up at bat is allowed out of the dugout during play (besides base runners, no on-deck batter);


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