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May, 2022

League Updates

All, I just wanted to give you a quick league update.

Currently all the schedules are posted.
Seniors baseball went through some changes due to 2 new teams from Sherrellwood and Northern Lights. This schedule has been approved by all ohter teams, barring a few minor changes.
Tee ball schedule is posted. I want to give a big thank you to the Duarte family for stepping up and filling our need as the last tee ball coach.

For all the schedules, there could still be some minor changes based on other leagues field availability. 

Opening Day
Opening day will be held on May 14th starting at 8:30 AM. All players and coaches must be at the fields by 8 AM to start lining up for the ceremonies.
All players will walk the field with their teams and get their names announced.

Picture Day
Picture day will be held on May 15th beginning at 10 AM. There will be a schedule sent out as we get closer to what time each team will need to be there.

Day at the Rockies
Sunday, June 19th we will have our annual day at the Rockies. This is our 4th time doing this on Father's Day and it is a great way to spend the afternoon.
The game is against the Padres starting at 1:10 PM. There will be more details soon about pricing and arrival times and locations.
The league makes $2-$3 per ticket to help with our scholarship fund and other league necessities.

Uniform Handout
Uniform handout will be handled differently this year than it has in the past. Every player will be keeping their jerseys at the end of the season, which means we don't have to go through the same record-keeping procedures as we have in the past. Your uniforms will be given to your coaches/team parents and those volunteers will hand them out to the team directly. Your coach will not receive a uniform for your children if you have not paid, set up a payment plan or filled out a scholarship request.

For those of you that are not aware, there is a major shortage of umpires in baseball and softball leagues. Some of the reasons for this is low pay and getting yelled at by parents and coaches. We are doing some things to try improving our umpiring situation. Many of your games will only have one umpire with an increased rate of pay. We will have no tolerance for any spectator arguing or yelling at an umpire. Coaches will talk respectfully with the umpires and we expect the umpires to be respectful to our coaches. At the lower divisions, we are going to be trying to use high schoolers to umpire these games. Hopefully this will get us off on the right foot this year and help make it successful.


All-stars will begin on July 5th for most of the divisions. If your child makes all-stars, they must be committed to playing and practicing through the middle of August, depending on how far they advance. Only players living in our boundaries or going to school in our boundaries and have met the mandatory games played are eligible for all-stars. All star divisions are for ages 8-16 (minors thru seniors) in baseball and 9-16 (majors thru seniors) in softball. Keep in mind that skill level is not the only thing coaches are looking for when it comes to all-stars. They are also looking for sportsmanship, leadership, dedication, commitment and overall positive attitude.

Board Members
I know we say this a lot, but please remember this league is run by 100% volunteers. For many of our board members, they no longer have any kids playing in the league. I currently have 3 kids that have grown up at the fields and are all now coaching at Arapahoe. There has been a lot of discussion from board members that this could be their last year helping out due to changes in life situations. Without other members of this league stepping up and helping in the next couple years, the league will not be able to thrive. We need you to step up and help in any way possible to make sure this league continues to provide children with an activity they love. 

Thank you parents and coaches for all you do for Arapahoe Little League,
Chris Wiensch
President / Arapahoe Little League
[email protected]

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